47th Annual Kids Fishing Derby Results & Photos

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The 47th Annual Kids Fishing Derby was held at the Elks Pond Facility on Guerdat Road, Sunday May 7th, starting time 7AM. The Pond was stocked with 200 trout on May 4th. The 76 children that participated in the derby caught a total of 227 fish. Only 38 Trout were caught! Winners of the “Special Award” presented by Vicki Cerruto in memory of Mary and Rich Lesniewski were Wyatt Truskauskas and Sabrina Buckley. Results of the derby are as follows:

  • 1st Fish Caught: Jameson Chiron
  • 1st Golden Caught: Alyssa Maiga
  • 1st Trout Caught: Mathew Ammerman
  • 1st Bass Caught: Aiden Adams
  • 1st Perch Caught: Tyler Maiga
  • 1st Calico Caught: Lenna Tapper
  • Biggest Trout: Hayden Bennett (17-1/4”)
  • Biggest Calico: Kevin McCarthy
  • Most Trout: Aiden Golden
  • Most Unusual: Liam Cyr

The 24” tagged Trout was not caught.

Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who made the annual Fishing Derby a success: Ron Grochowski, Mark Bushka, Mike Marinelli, Maria Norton, George Norton IV, Mark Oakley, Bob Kowalczuk, Tom Zagryn, Vicki Cerruto, Issy Johnson, Jackie Carlson, Kelly Andrews, Bill Smith, Pete Belli, Jake Derwitsch, Ed Evonsion, Tom Bloomer, Clinton Sosna, Torrington Savings Bank, Walmart, Torrington Municipal & Teacher Credit Union, Advanced Monogram, and all the people not mentioned above that gave of their time and money to help make this a success.

Photos by Clinton Sosna:

47th Annual Kids Fishing Derby (May 7, 2017)